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T-shirt Hoodies  made by designers  & selected by the Blockchain community. 
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Satoshirt is inspired by Blockchain lovers. At the beginning of each month, 3 new designs are submitted by our designers. Through an upvote system, you and the community select the outfit of the month because we love decentralized decisions!

Limited Editions

A maximum of #256 pieces is produced per series (block). Selected outfits are numbered and only produced in limited quantity because we love minimalism!

Monthly Innovation

Every month our designers create 3 new unique designs to be proposed to the community. Each month brings its new batch of outfit because we love innovation!

STEP 1-   Select your Outfit

100% Blockchain Mindset

As part of the Blockchain Community, we want a cool and casual brand made with our mindset setup. So, we start, a brand of cool Tshirt and Hoddies to wear our revolution. Be ready to wear the most well-designed brand in the space!!!

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Sato's t-shirts are designed for your everyday adventure on premium quality & fairtrade fabric. Satoshirt are the softest and most comfortable shirt you'll ever wear.
#Quality #Fairtrade #Respect

Sato's Hoodies are made and designed for your everyday missions. It feels like you've owned it for years the moment you put it on, and for years to come.

 #Quality #Fairtrade #Respect



Each month our beloved designers create a new batch of 3 different designs. From then, UpVote for your favorite & Satoshirt makes the upvoted-design produced.

#opendemocracy #opensource #opendesigned

STEP 2-   UpVote your Design

STEP 3-   Receive only your favorites

When the community has chosen the design of the month, we produce ONLY  256 Items. Why 256? Ask Satoshi and his 256 SHA...

#Limitededition #Nowaste #Justlove #minimalism

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